The League is a Sunday Golf Club that in 2020 will be celebrating it's 50th year. We play from the end of March until the beginning of November at 9 different courses throughout Summit, Stark, Cuyahoga and Wayne counties. We welcome all types of golfers, whether you are a scratch golfer or a 54-handicap, there is no judging. This is not a mandatory "show up every week" league. Come once or come every week, completely up to you. If you are looking to get out of the house or stir your fire of competition then we have a spot for you. Please navigate through the website and check out all our different events and we look forward to seeing you in the Spring.









HOLE in 1





$14 of the $20 split into a "handicapped" skin pot and a "natural" skin pot.

$1 of the $20 goes into the pin shot pot. For example, 24 players means $24 per pin shot. $10 minimum per pin shot.

$1 of the $20 goes into the Hole in One fund. Hole in one gets paid out at end of season divided by number of hole in ones. If no hole in one is made then half the money goes to party and the other half goes into next years hole in one fund.

$2 of the $20 goes to the Club Championship pot until the Finals of the FedEx Cup, then the $2 goes into the club fund to pay for awards and trophies.

$2 of the $20 goes to the FedEx Cup pot until the Finals of the FedEx Cup, then the $2 goes into the club fund to pay for awards and trophies.


Over the span of 24 events, players vie to become the FedEx Cup Champion, which distinguishes the one player who not only performs well during the 20 week season but excels through the pressure of the four-event FedEx Cup Playoffs. Players earn points based on their results, with a strong emphasis placed on winning and high finishes


The Club Championship is a season-long double-elimination match play tournament that starts from the second week of the season and runs until the last week of the season. Qualification and seeding are based on how many times you showed up the previous year.


The Italian Open is a skins game that is played every year on the third weekend in July in Columbus between players from Cleveland and players from Cincinnati. This event is played at three different courses starting the late morning on Friday and ending on Sunday afternoon with the player who wins the most money being named "Mr. Buckeye". It used to be called "The Italian Open" but has been renamed "The Tony Missella Memorial" after the passing of one of the founders.



The Chilli Pickle is a one-day, 27 hole,closest-to-the-pin event played at Two-Club in Macedonia. There will be pickle pastrami sandwiches with chilli served after the Saturday round, amongst other things.

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